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 MuAddicted2 - Best MuOnline Server!

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PostSubject: MuAddicted2 - Best MuOnline Server!   MuAddicted2 - Best MuOnline Server! EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 1:43 am

Dear MuOnline players,Mu Addicted is a low experience server, thing which helped us to gain our players confidence.We can guarantee that Mu Addicted is a server what will last for many years to come.
Mu Addicted is a service offered by Addicted2.ro - It is an active network of games which has been online since 2010 and the community is growing as you read this.
Here you can see some our server's characteristics :
General Info
Experience Rate: Custom : 25~50x
Drop Rate: 50%
Character Reset: Yes
Server Style: Global & Customs Configs,Custom Features,Golden Archer,Pet System and many more!!!
Season 3 wings with options !!! + chaos machine !!
!Custom quest + reward after !!!
Jewel of Mystical
Jewel of Excelent
Jwwel of Luck
Custom 3d cam F7 ON/OFF Mouse control!!!
Minimap Tab to HIDE/REVEAL MinimapNEW!!
- Deathmatch EventNEW!!
- Mad Race EventBugless
Alot of NEW ITEMS(custom)!
Wings lvl 4!!!
Gameplay Note: We do not sell excellent,ancient nor full option items. This enhances the beauty and complexity of the game. Everybody has a shot to be Number 1.
Here you can find out more about our awsome MuOnline server:
-> Addicted2.ro | Choose your game!
-> Addicted2.ro | Reality Ends Here!
-> Addicted2.ro | MuOnline Servers

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MuAddicted2 - Best MuOnline Server!
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